Hate having to ask for permission to work remotely or go on vacation? Want to travel, set your own hours, choose the type of work you find most interesting and fulfilling, plus make MORE money? Yeah, me too!

Chris Tsongas

Chris Tsongas
Instructor, Million Dollar Developer

My name is Chris Tsongas. I’ve done programming work as an employee for both an agency and a startup, but I have MUCH more freedom and have made LOTS more money working freelance. Plus, the lifestyle is amazing….

  • I lived in Seattle for many years, immersing myself in the thriving fine art and social dance scenes while also engaging with Seattle’s huge developer community.
  • I also lived for many years in the world-class outdoor recreation meccas of Hood River, Oregon and Bend, Oregon, enjoying activities like mountain biking, rock climbing.
  • I recently spent six months in Florence, Italy studying art while working part-time.
  • I take care of my clients, but on my own terms, working where and when I want.
  • I choose what I work on, whether it’s client work or starting my own SaaS service to bring in recurring revenue, and sometimes I turn down jobs that don’t interest me.

Sounds fun…but what about making some bling? Well, even though I seldom work more than 30 hours per week, over the years I built up a diversified, multiple-six-figure income and have earned a total of over $1 million as a freelance web developer. All it takes is an effective strategy applied consistently over time! Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the same strategy and tactics that have worked for me?


In addition to freelance web development I’ve taken on a new challenge, becoming a teacher! I’ve taught web development in the classroom for code schools including Code Fellows, am an online mentor for Thinkful, and am now offering a three-week online course called Million Dollar Developer. My goal is to make this the most comprehensive and detailed course on freelancing for web developers, so you can kill it as a freelancer without killing yourself in the process!

Million Dollar Developer represents over fifteen years of hard-earned freelance experience so you can replicate the things that worked for me and avoid those that didn’t. Don’t learn the hard way when you can follow the clear path to success taught in this course! Here is what you will learn:


Module 1: Introduction

The first module will motivate and inspire you by describing the immense benefits of the freelance lifestyle. Here are just a few:

  • Travel
  • Set your own schedule
  • Earn a high hourly rate
  • Generate passive income
  • Enjoy tax write-offs
  • Grow as a person
  • Develop self-reliance
  • Build confidence

This module will also get you mentally prepared for dealing with the unique challenges of freelance work, including higher levels of responsibility and uncertainty.

Module 2: Strategy

It’s counterintuitive, but looking for clients is the single biggest mistake you can make as a freelance developer. Yes, you read that right! The more time you spend looking for clients, the less money you will make. This module teaches you exactly what to do instead, including:

  • The most lucrative types of referral partners
  • Where to find potential referral partners
  • When to break this rule and look for clients

By the end of this module, you will have a clear understanding of how you will get a steady stream of high-quality clients coming to you, so you can spend time on interesting, high-paying billable work instead of chasing the next job.

Module 3: Positioning

This module covers how specialization is critical for maximizing your income and the demand for your services. Again it might seem counterintuitive that going after a smaller market will pay more, but it does. This module teaches you:

  • The criteria for selecting a high-paying niche
  • How to level up and stay on top of your game

This module also shows you how to create a personal brand that positions you as a top provider for your target market, so you can charge premium prices.

Module 4: Prospecting

This module takes a deep dive into how to target specific potential referral sources, and provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to approach them. You will know your goal and what results to expect at every step in the process.

Swipe File

This module includes a swipe file of the actual script I wrote and refined over many years to efficiently find partners who referred a steady stream of high-quality clients, including how to overcome common objections of potential partners.

Module 5: Networking

This module teaches you the nitty-gritty details of the preparation, execution and follow-up that are required to build lucrative referral partner relationships. It includes:

  • How to prepare for a pitch meeting
  • What it means to have a successful meeting
  • When to follow up after the meeting

This module will get you introduced to potential clients as a rock star developer by someone they already know, like, and trust. The days of endlessly pursuing random jobs will be long gone!

Module 6: Revenue

This module teaches you how to maximize your income while working fewer hours. It covers:

  • The difference between passive income and recurring revenue
  • Passive income opportunities specifically for web developers
  • Business models that generate recurring revenue
  • Types of hourly work to accept and avoid

The details of taking in work including questionnaires, contracts, and payment terms
This module also warns you about red flags to watch out for when talking with prospective clients, to help you avoid taking on a job that could blow up in your face!

Swipe Files

This module includes a swipe file of the short, easy to understand, and effective contract I use for new clients, plus a swipe file with the template I use for invoices. These work together to help ensure full and prompt payment for your services.

Module 7: Operations

Working for yourself is no fun if it means being stressed out and giving most of your money to the government! This module covers:

  • Potential sources of stress and how to minimize them
  • When and how to outsource
  • How to write off part of your rent and utilities
  • How to take a tax-deductible working vacation anywhere in the world

This module also covers the difference between a good and bad CPA (yes, you should hire one). It explains the tax implications of being a sole proprietor, LLC, C-Corp and S-Corp so you can legally structure your business to minimize your tax bill.

Module 8: Conclusion

Maintaining focus on a winning long-term strategy will be the key to your success as a freelance web developer! The last module emphasizes the importance of commitment, and points out other resources that are useful for freelancers.


Bonus #1: Workspace

This bonus module teaches you about the benefits of having a dedicated work environment, including a standup desk that lets you alternate between standing and sitting. It gives tips for how to build a standup desk on the cheap, and structure your day for maximum productivity.

Bonus #2: Physical Fitness

Taking care of your body is super important if you want to feel good and perform at a high level in your personal and professional life. In this bonus module, I share what I’ve learned about diet and exercise as a certified yoga instructor, social dancer, and longtime outdoor enthusiast.

Bonus #3: Mental Health

The mental game is about more than just scheduling regular vacations. This bonus module discusses the importance of crafting a compelling vision for your future, so your success as a freelance web developer leads to greater fulfillment on both a personal and professional level.


This course is for any web developer willing to commit to building a deeply rewarding freelance career over time. It does NOT teach gimmicks or get rich quick schemes.

The Student

You’re still in school and want to set yourself up for success when you graduate.

The Employee

You’re working for someone else and want to transition to working for yourself.

The Traveler

You want the freedom to travel and work from anywhere on your own schedule.


The Course

Million Dollar Developer consists of eight modules delivered over three weeks. Modules contain multiple lessons with a total of over three and half hours of video instruction! Each module also has a private forum for discussing the material with the instructor and other students. There is no theory…I teach you exactly what’s worked, and what hasn’t, during my seven-figure career as a freelance web developer. Some modules include swipe files with the actual content I wrote to help me approach new referral partners or take in new clients.


Million Dollar Developer includes three bonus PDFs that show you how I set up my workspace for maximum productivity, and also how how I stay physically and mentally fit through fun activities, NOT by punishing myself at the gym!


When you register for the course, you receive login information via email to access the first module. You then get access to a new module every three days for three weeks, plus the bonuses at the end. You have access to all course material for one year. The cost of the course is $497.

Refund Policy

Million Dollar Developer has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you go through the entire course and can prove you did the work, but are not satisfied with the results, contact me within 60 days of purchase and once I see you did the work I will issue a prompt refund.

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When does the course start?
The lessons are pre-recorded and available now so you can start anytime. One module becomes available every three days for three weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to complete the homework while going through the course.

How much time to I need to dedicate to the course?
Each module has two, three or four lessons that run about ten minutes each. The real work of the course is the homework, which takes anywhere from just a few minutes to several hours per week.

Do I need to specialize in a certain area of web development?
Since technology evolves quickly and your interests may change, this course teaches a process with specific steps that can be applied to any area of specialization.

Have another question not answered here?
Please submit it through the contact form.


Here are testimonials from students previously enrolled in Million Dollar Developer:

“You condensed a lot of experience in your course…I almost want to say that a module of yours can mean a major change in direction in my business approach…I love your course!”
—Shankar Poncelet

“Thanks so much for the real talk and the critique, this is already really, really helpful.”
—Ersin Akinci

Here are comments regarding the quality of my teaching from coding students I taught in the classroom:

“The instructor is awesome!! I just want to let you know I’m excited for the Foundations II course and your Javascript accelerator to come to Portland and I can’t wait to enroll for each of those!”
—Erik Gomez

“I look forward to building up and getting better at my homework. Other than that I’m having a awesome time but I know it’s going to be challenging this week as we dive further into each language.”
—Eric Jamison

“I finish each class and assignment with more understanding, more questions, and more ideas. I’m always feeling challenged in the class and that’s a good thing in my book.”
—William Sullivan

“I had a lot of fun in the class and had a lot of self discovery moments, I hope this continues into the next.”
—Christopher Cohen

“Overall, it was a great experience and I was able to take away some very valuable skills.”
—Alex Mason

Here are testimonials from freelance clients…as a freelancer you earn not just money but also respect and gratitude:

“Thanks for all your help and prompt responses. You rock.”
—Michael Hofler, Tripleknot Townhomes, Bend, Oregon

“At Aura360, we rely on partners that can respond to our needs with smart and economically efficient solutions, and to be able to do so in a deadline-orientated environment. BitMojo services have provided us this and more.”
—Rufus Frost, Aura360, Portland, Maine

“It’s a big help to have such personal service. What a difference….”
—Wayne Paige, Wave One Group, Portland, OR

“BitMojo supplies us and our clients a state-of-the-art hosting environment, friendly and accessible technical support as well as rock-solid dependability.”
—Tyler Barnes, 509, Inc., Hood River, Oregon

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